Chocolate Haunted Owl Pretzels


large pretzel twists

black jelly beans or other black colored candy for the nose

black licorice

sandwich cookies ( I prefer Oreos)

white chocolate chips or confectioner’s coating

iced white candy pieces


Melt chocolate chips in microwave stirring occasionally so they don’t burn

Dip large pretzels in melted chocolate . Place the pretzels on wax paper.

As the coating sets, sprinkle with coarse black decorating sugar. Press a black jelly bean to the twist of each pretzel for the nose and small pieces of licorice candy onto the base of the pretzels for the talons.

Separate a sandwich cookie and press the halves onto the pretzel for eyes.

Ice white candy pieces and press onto each cookie eye, then add chocolate chips to them for pupils.

Use black licorice twists as eyebrows.

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